The Ledge Studio is proud to present Brevard County's most unique private venue. The Ledge is a 3500 sq ft facility with a seating capacity of 125 guests. Our location is live or non-live recording capable, most of our clients have chosen the live venues so they may charge admission. We offer our venue for a flat rate of $300.00 for a 3 hour show, 100.00/hour for additional stage hours as needed.

Included in this price is the following benefits.
1. Green Room with food for the band and 1 guest per band member.
2. Coffee, Water, Tea, Beer, Wine and Cocktails for band members.
3. All sound & lighting Tech's
4. Printed tickets for the band to sell, we will also have them available at the studio for pre-sale and will call.
5. Band keeps 100% of ticket sales.
6. Band Keeps 100% of Merchandise Sales
8. Rough cut video recording of the band. (We also offer a professional video/audio from our local vendor at a separate price and contract)
We welcome everyone with the philosophy of a private venue and recording space by musicians for musicians.

We also welcome touring bands for a place of respite and if you want to work out some new material for your next gig! Local hotels and guest house rooms available.

Call us to book or schedule a tour of our studio......321-633-6817

Brad Sayre

Tommy Talton, photo by Brad Martin

New Gravity, photo by Brad Martin

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